The company has been working for more than thirty years in the specific sector of Roman travertine stone and has adhered to a precise policy based on continually rationalizing manufacturing processes within the company, research and the introduction of new technology, continual analysis of the quality/quantity ratio of materials produced, achieving and maintaining a stable level of sales as independent as possible of variations in demand but also of geological conditions, and full participation and cooperation between all levels in the company itself.



This ancient noble family well-known in Rome in 1300 gave birth to personalities entered in various population registers of the different districts. The name of the family emerged from the anonymity of Roman citizens with BATTISTA, who became personal Secretary of Pope Clement VII.

The Pope, who will certainly remain one of the most extraordinary characters of the Church history, ascended the throne in 1524 and was involved in the famous war between Charles V and Francis I in which the whole Europe participated.
He immediately chose Monsignor BATTISTA GIANSANTI as personal Secretary because he had already the opportunity of appreciating him as scholar and diplomat (1)
(1) Scrutiny of Yacovacci – Ms/ of the Vatican Library




Travertine... probably there are only few other names able to contain in such a straight way millennia of history, art, pictures of everyday life, but also great human enterprises.
Today, in a time of continuous quick evolution of social, economic and production processes, travertine seems to be determined to keep its image of solidity and immutability, preventing the occurrence of the typical conditions of any industrial activity: the material continuity and homogeneity.
Probably only in few other production activities it is possible to find such a close and indissoluble identification between the resources of natural and human heritage, perhaps to highlight the link, sometimes imperceptible but always present, between the development and history of a family and of the material.



TRAVERTINI GIANSANTI • Roman Travertine surface
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ANNA GIANSANTI •  Roman Travertine surface
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